Stimulation of Cannabinoid Receptor Inhibits Gastric Acid Secretion

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

“CB1R agonism (which is what THC is) inhibits powerful gastric acid secretion (a culprit in acid reflux and ulcers) while enhancing protective mucin release.”
-    Dr. David Hepburn


Thecurrentstudyaimed to evaluate the role of cannabinoid receptors in the regulation of gastric acid secretion and oxidative stress in gastric mucosa. To fulfill this aim, gastric acid secretion stimulated with histamine (5 mg/kg, subcutaneous [SC]), 2-deoxy- d-glucose (D-G) (200 mg/kg, intravenous) or -carbachol (4 μg/kg, SC) in the 4-hour pylorus-ligated rats.

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