Michael J Fox Fdn Survey Shows Cannabis Benefit for Parkinson's Disease

Saturday, 12 January 2019

“Cannabis had positive impact son mood, memory, fatigue, and obesity status in peoplewith PD and MS. Current users reported high efficacy of cannabis, 6.4 (SD 1.8) on a scalefrom 0 to 7 and 59% reported reducing prescription medication since beginning cannabis use.”
- Dr. David Hepburn 


An anonymous web-based survey was hosted on the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society web pages from 15 February to 15 October 2016. The survey collected demographic and cannabis use information, and used standardized questionnaires to assess neurological function, fatigue, balance, and physical activity participation. Analysis of variance and chi-square tests were used for the analysis.

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Dr. David Hepburn website: https://doctordavidhepburn.com


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