Aging, Exercise and Cannabis

Monday, 7 January 2019

“The science of exercise has matured to a level of importance in the life cycle to reduce pain with aging and include new investigations on the ECS to explain its role in the well-being and improved quality of life in later years. A natural high as the number of  birthday candles get high.”
 - Dr. David Hepburn


Investigators have reported increases in circulating levels of eCB after exercise, with some eCB exerting analgesic effects from exercise. The focus of this review is to discuss evidence for the role of eCB and the complexities of the ECS in exercise and pain.

Some aspects presented are the production of ECB and activation of the cannabinoid receptors in the brain following exercise; eCB, pain, and physical activity; oxylipins; and joint pain.

As we age, an exercise in the form of play has evolved with the exploration of our body from walking to running, recreational, and competitive sports, to midlife physical activity focusing on maintaining fitness and healthy body weight.

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